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  1. Hey all, Thought to share an original piece of mine I made back in 2015 as an experimental work to spread my wings a bit. Was working with different textures and effects. My background is primarily Trance, just so you are aware
  2. Hey mate, I already have been listening to your soundcloud, nice work there mate! Some very clean and solid production!
  3. Cheers! Looks like a thriving community. More so than some other forums I used to frequent a lot that are now dead.
  4. Hi all, I am new to the forum, but not new to DJing, producing or the scene. I've been around the traps for a long time. Started DJing in Sydney back in 2005/2006 in the Trance scene. Due to family and other altering decisions, I moved back up to the Mid-North Coast of NSW to Coffs Harbour. So I am making the most of it here, building my first house with a full purpose built music recording studio on the back of the block. Lot's of $$ being spent on this project. Why I am here? Simple really, to connect with other people in the industry, new and old. And to inspire to be inspired. So I'll let it at that for now, and see you all around as I start delving into the forum and checking out what you all do with music - Matt
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