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  1. Hey all, I have a whole lot of gear I want to get rid of as I need the cash to pay bills and it is just sitting here unused. Honestly, this stuff has only been used once, so it's pretty well brand new. Here is a list of things I have for sale. Enquiries welcome. PreSonus FireStudio 26x26 Firewire Interface $500 Rode NT1A $200 Rode M5 Mics $120 Pioneer DDJ-S1 Serato Controller with genuine Pioneer padded carry bag. There are some of the microphone knobs broken off, but that is a really simple fix, and no one uses them anyway. $400
  2. Hey mate, thanks for the feedback. Yeah I use sylenth1, but configure it from the ground up for my own presets and "sound design" as you put it. The construction of the melody is mine too, so all original
  3. Hey all, Whilst I had no Internet for 12 days I started writing this tune with a real classic nostalgia feel about it. I have plenty to work on in designing the break down and tweaking bits and pieces to polish it. But the is the general idea with the melody. Have a listen, let me know what you think. @LabRat @Scottie
  4. I came for the cheese, but only said hello. Hey
  5. No offense intended with this reply, I am blunt like the back end of an axe. But like @LabRat stated, mixing Techno is not all that difficult. I'm going to make an educated assumption that you're perhaps not used to mixing tracks for more than 15 to 30 seconds? Mixing Techno is similar in a way to mixing Trance where you are mixing 1min to 2mins to even 3mins depending on the tracks and what you want to do with them. Now, you do need to take this with a grain of salt because everyone is different and apply their own mixing styles to the genre they're mixing. Techno is one of those genres that you can have 3 or 4 tracks playing at once. Best person to watch live doing this is Carl Cox, which I would suggest you do. That would fix your phrasing issues. As for your beat matching, I can't answer that one. It is one of the most basic skills you need to hone on your own. Pay attention to the BPM you set your pitch fader to. Make sure they are accurate. Time and practise will show you that you'll be able to do most beat matching on the fly and it will become muscle memory. I'm not sure if you will make sense of this, but I'll deconstruct how I mix two typical Techno tracks together. Let's say that Track A is playing at a typical 128BPM and is in a D major key. Assuming that you're either using Traktor, Serato or Rekordbox; you will be able to see the waveform of the track giving you an indication where the breakdowns and main parts of the track are. Because I have been DJing for many years you can almost always assume (genre depending) that a track outro for a Techno track starts around the 2min30sec/2min/1min30sec/1min depending on how the track was produced. You'll be able to figure this out by looking at the waveform's or knowing your music (which all DJs should). From there you'll have your cue point to mix Track B from. Now Track B is also at 128BPM, but is in an A-flat major key. If you know about how to key mix you'll know that these keys can be harmonious and sound natural provided that the tracks have been produced with an intro/outro staying in the one key (clashing keys are never good). On the incoming track I tend to look at the intro wave form and set cue points around the 30 second mark, 1 min mark depending what I want to do. As Track A approaches my desired cue point, I hit play, make sure the track is beat matching with the fader B down in my headphones. Once that is all good, I mix the track in with all the EQs down and the fader up using the booth monitors to mix it all in keeping and ear for that beat wondering if it ever happens. Lets be honest it rarely happens with controllers unless the producer who made the track is a douche or the software has been configured incorrectly. Last thing I will say to you is this though, reading all the advice is a great tool to put theory to practise, but being shown hands on what has been said ^ up here puts you hours ahead of learning on your own. I hope that helps you mate, if you have questions I'm hanging around
  6. Welcome mate! Good to have you on board.
  7. Hey all, Here is the mix I played and recorded live 2 weeks ago for FNCP. Matt Ingle Presents Live Essentials of Trance 072 - Mixed live on ausdjforums.com 01. Second Sine - Immoral (Original Mix) 02. Paul Cook - Ikta (Original Mix) 03. Photographer - Infinity (Roman Messer Remix) 04. Everlight - Ripsaw (Original Mix) 05. Hassan Jewel - Endorphin (Unbeat Remix) 06. Roman Messer - Memories (Original Mix) 07. Kiyoi & Eky - Inside The Storm (Original Mix) 08. Steve Dekay - Abyssus (Extended Mix) 09. Tasso - Airstrikes (Original Mix) 10. Laura May - Tribal Calling (Original Mix) 11. Heatbeat - Mechanizer (Extended Mix) 12. Origin - Burn Tonight (Up3 Remix) 13. Thomas Knight - Emerge (Heatbeat Remix) 14. Stella Project - Mysterious Euphoria (Mark Eworth Remix)
  8. Hey all, Here is a mix I recorded live tonight. Was intending to mix it for FNCP (hence the title) but no one is around so here is the upload Matt Ingle Presents Bass Mix recorded live for ausdjforums.com 01. AU5 Feat Coma - Watership (Extended Mix) 02. Supersillyus - Aeon Bahamut (Original Mix) 03. Nephed - The Forgotten Sputnik (Original Mix) 04. Symbolico - Zero State (Original Mix) 05. CloZee - Black Panther (Original Mix) 06. CloZee - Harmony (Original Mix) 07. Dubvirus - Scarab (Original Mix) 08. Syxx - Street Rat (Original Mix) 09. Genetix - Sequence VIP (Original Mix) 10. Andreilien - Smokey (Original Mix) 11. Kozmo Feat. Mike.iLL - EMP (Subduktion Remix) 12. Zeke Beats - Meltdown (Original Mix) 13. Orfaz - Coldsweat (Original Mix) 14. The Unik - Fuerza (Original Mix)
  9. Out of curiosity what was everyone's thoughts on this mixing?
  10. Hey, welcome! Plenty of people here who are friendly enough and knowledgeable too to help you out
  11. Cheers all, I really appreciate the feed back and am glad you all liked it
  12. I think I must have rubbed off on you a little at the meet mate Nice mix. I couldn't help to notice that you may have been hitting a limiter early on in your mix?
  13. Hmm interesting. I think you both may be right. But I never work with vocals Well that is a lie I have remixed a friend of mines track from Melbourne 4 or 5 years ago. I just don't have anyone that can lay down some lines for me...
  14. Hey mate, I really like this remix. Very well done on all fronts.
  15. Hey there mate! Welcome to the forums. Sounds to me like you have your beginnings sorted But there is plenty of knowledgeable people drifting around this forum so be sure to ask We also have the live chat for anything and everything else. Always a good time in there
  16. Thanks mate, I appreciate the feedback
  17. I had to move the mix as I need space on my Soundcloud. Please refer to the following link. Cheers. P.S. Downloads are still available on this link https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-drum-bass-mix-march-2017/
  18. As the title states, here is a new track I have been working on over the past couple of days. Still need to mix the track down and level it out. Maybe add some FX here and there, but this is the main idea I put down. Also, I have never produce Drum & Bass before...
  19. Yeah mate, my name in the IRC chat room is NitroMonkey, Thought it would be less confusing to have it this way. Thanks mate
  20. Thanks mate. I love them too. The last peak is my favourite My picks of the mix are: 01. Mailky - Big Up 05. Synergy - Scarecrow 11. I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) 19. Gydra - Noise Of The Machine 20. LeKtriQue - Omega (Our Time Remix) That last one though I have been wanting to put in a mix for months now. Love it.
  21. Sweet man, tried to create an energy flow with the mix with 2 peaks. One at the beginning and one drawing up to the last track. Hope you enjoy it
  22. Hey all, here is a mix I recorded tonight delving into a genre I don't mix very often. Please excuse the first transition, keys were going to clash so had to mix out of the track later than I normally would like to. 01. Mailky - Big Up02. Spexion - Crisis03. Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)04. Maitreya - Bad Copy05. Synergy - Scarecrow06. Klax - Fluoro Riddim07. DC Breaks - Halo08. Spyre - Red Planet09. Impak - Bleeps10. Spexion - Spawn11. I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix)12. Trilo - Exit Ticket13. NC-17 & The Voss - Pull Up14. Tantrum Desire - Adventure Through Space VIP15. Tantrum Desire - Genesis (Friction Remix)16. Black Sun Empire & Prolix - No Advance17. ShockOne Feat. Reija Lee - Polygon18. Phace - Sun Searching19. Gydra - Noise Of The Machine20. LeKtriQue - Omega (Our Time Remix)
  23. Thanks for the feedback so far An update on the track, just purely experimenting with strange concepts and what not.
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