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  1. Cheers mate, I appreciate the feed back as always
  2. Seeing I don't know any other new users, Bristles gets my vote
  3. Posted elsewhere, so posting here as well
  4. Nice track here. I felt that the end of the break down into the second phase was a little "understated". Not sure if that was your intention, I felt that the track was perhaps moving to slightly more energy, or at least was hoping it was. Other than that mate, your production is very tight and of a very high standard. Great track!
  5. Loving the really tight production mate. Plenty of textures to play with the senses. This is Progressive Trance of this age, which I personally can not produce without hours of research Well done!
  6. Hey all, Here is another track of mine which I wrote in a very difficult time of my life (which I am still going through). It is dark and brooding, yet uplifting at the same time. A very complex mix of emotions. Let me know what you think of this track
  7. Hey all, Here is another track I was working on a little while ago. Again, experimenting with delay, progression and a whole range of effects. I have been told it has a bit of a Deadmau5 feel about it, probably more to do with the chords and bass line.
  8. Thanks mate. Appreciate the feedback on the track What track was this? Link?
  9. Haha true! I honestly didn't associate this track to his work, but I can hear some similarities there
  10. Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback. I have to say, Bounce is not a genre I venture into. Trance is my blood. But maybe I'll dip my toe in again soon. I'll be sure to keep you posted.
  11. Thanks Scottie and Bristles! For any of those interested here is my soundcloud and hearthisat https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/
  12. As far as commercial tunes go, Closer has everything a popular song needs. Catchy hooks, not over the top production and just plain simple. Winning formula there!
  13. Production sounded pretty good. Might be Soundcloud quality but I heard a lot of clipping in the higher/lower frequencies making the track sound muddy? Thought the track was very unique, might be a little too unique for a club though but that is my opinion
  14. Hey All, Here is a Mix I recorded live yesterday exploring Techno and Tech House. I haven't mixed in something like 2 months but I felt the transitions were smooth. One thing I didn't concentrate on was key mixing in this mix because I was trying something different I picked up from another Techno DJ where you mix out the bass early and let the percussion flow to create a suspense into the next tracks bass line. I hope you enjoy the mix https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-presents-live-tech-sessions-005/
  15. Side-chaining really depends on the style of music you're producing and weather you want the kick to punch through, the melody, the vocals or whatever. It is extremely useful in today's market because most music is produced "wall to wall" compression where as music up to the early 90s compression was rarely used and there was a lot of "head room" left through out the track, as was common practice back then. That being said, I use side-chain compression in almost all of my production. I also use multi-band EQ compression for complex melodies and vocals, giving the compression a very smooth and natural sounding mix. How I do it though in ableton is with in my layout. Bass, Synths, Melody, Percussion, FX are all grouped and the compression is placed for the whole group unless there is something I want to isolate from that group I'd have it separate. Most people restrict their compression due to lack of RAM or CPU, but I don't have that problem running an i7 7th gen with 32GB of OC RAM and SSD in RAID 0. I do have to say something from a stand point of mastering though, having a track come across your desk that has minimal to no side-chain compression makes mastering the track a whole lot easier
  16. Hey all, Sharing some more of my original work with you all. Here is a track I created to appeal to the harder Trance lovers out there. It is very different to my usual sounding productions of Trance as I tend to stick in the Uplifting Trance category.
  17. Hey all, Here is an original track I put together when Bounce started getting big. It was a little bit of a tongue in cheek track actually as an acquaintance was going on about how many hours it takes him to make his bounce tracks... I told him it was probably more to do with his own insignificant experience and time management more than anything and that Bounce really wasn't that complicated to make. This track was made in 2 hours and I ended up playing it at a local club main set which was fun to see.
  18. Hey all, Thought to share an original piece of mine I made back in 2015 as an experimental work to spread my wings a bit. Was working with different textures and effects. My background is primarily Trance, just so you are aware
  19. Hey mate, I already have been listening to your soundcloud, nice work there mate! Some very clean and solid production!
  20. Cheers! Looks like a thriving community. More so than some other forums I used to frequent a lot that are now dead.
  21. Nice idea! Here is one I did 2 years ago for the residency I had at a local club.
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