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  1. Thanks mate, I appreciate the feedback
  2. I had to move the mix as I need space on my Soundcloud. Please refer to the following link. Cheers. P.S. Downloads are still available on this link https://hearthis.at/tyD23cbZ/matt-ingle-drum-bass-mix-march-2017/
  3. As the title states, here is a new track I have been working on over the past couple of days. Still need to mix the track down and level it out. Maybe add some FX here and there, but this is the main idea I put down. Also, I have never produce Drum & Bass before...
  4. Yeah mate, my name in the IRC chat room is NitroMonkey, Thought it would be less confusing to have it this way. Thanks mate
  5. Thanks mate. I love them too. The last peak is my favourite My picks of the mix are: 01. Mailky - Big Up 05. Synergy - Scarecrow 11. I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix) 19. Gydra - Noise Of The Machine 20. LeKtriQue - Omega (Our Time Remix) That last one though I have been wanting to put in a mix for months now. Love it.
  6. Sweet man, tried to create an energy flow with the mix with 2 peaks. One at the beginning and one drawing up to the last track. Hope you enjoy it
  7. Hey all, here is a mix I recorded tonight delving into a genre I don't mix very often. Please excuse the first transition, keys were going to clash so had to mix out of the track later than I normally would like to. 01. Mailky - Big Up02. Spexion - Crisis03. Tantrum Desire - Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)04. Maitreya - Bad Copy05. Synergy - Scarecrow06. Klax - Fluoro Riddim07. DC Breaks - Halo08. Spyre - Red Planet09. Impak - Bleeps10. Spexion - Spawn11. I Am Legion - Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix)12. Trilo - Exit Ticket13. NC-17 & The Voss - Pull Up14. Tantrum Desire - Adventure Through Space VIP15. Tantrum Desire - Genesis (Friction Remix)16. Black Sun Empire & Prolix - No Advance17. ShockOne Feat. Reija Lee - Polygon18. Phace - Sun Searching19. Gydra - Noise Of The Machine20. LeKtriQue - Omega (Our Time Remix)
  8. I would be involved but I'm unemployed at the moment.
  9. Thanks for the feedback so far An update on the track, just purely experimenting with strange concepts and what not.
  10. Link will be broken, Try this one
  11. Hey all, Here is a track I have been experimenting with last night. Not exactly sure where I am going with it, but I thought I would share it and get ideas from fellow peeps.
  12. Did you ever DJ at any clubs in Sydney? I used to DJ at Sublime and select Trance events all over Sydney.
  13. Oh hai! A fellow Trance enthusiast! Welcome!
  14. Yeah man, ADSL 2+ or NBN? Either or you really can't go past the Netgear Nighthawk series.
  15. There is a lot going on, but I would put this into Progressive Tech Trance
  16. Hmm, that's a hard one as most of my 15 minute searches came up with nothing to do with those lyrics. Are you 100% sure those lyrics are accurate?
  17. Hi mate, welcome to the forums! Will be great to see what you have to offer the community and we are always keen to hear new music
  18. As LabRat pointed out, there have too many that have done as you have hence the reaction. The track itself can only be described as electronica and really doesn't fit a scene or genre.
  19. The fact that this is your first post, with no introduction and you plastered said post over 4 threads gives you no credibility at all in this community what so ever. Ozz, a piece of advice is what you ask for and that is what you're going to get. GTFO
  20. Hey mate, that might not be a bad idea. I'll play with it and see what I come up with. I appreciate the feedback.
  21. Here is an update on this track. I have pretty much over hauled most of the sound design and melody. Let me know what you think. I have kept the old version up for your reference.
  22. Hi all, here is an in-progress track that is no where near finished. Only uploading to give a general idea of what I have started with. I am already going to overhaul the break down, but would love to hear what you all have to say about what I have so far. Cheers
  23. Hey mate, welcome to the forums. There is plenty of advice out there for you to take, but most of it will be irrelevant to your experience. What I mean is, you will not absorb most of it until years to come. However the most straight forward advice I have for you is the following... Start simple, remain humble, work your networks. A philosophy I live by in almost every application in my life. Starting simple; learning the basics inside out. Beat matching, phrasing, in key and out of key mixing, watching proper DJs LIVE and don't learn bad habits or attitudes. Remain humble; keep your ego in check. The reality of DJing is that there will always be someone out there that is better or more unique than you in their own way. Find your product and work with that. Work your networks; expand your social boundaries, attend events of multiple genres, meet and greet people with no hidden agenda. If you get these down for the next 6-12-24 months you may create an opportunity to play your first live set. Remember, it isn't entirely about what you know in this industry, more who you know. So you need to create that in order for it to happen. However, backing it up with a skill set that is impressive shows you mean business. Because ultimately DJing is a business. You wouldn't go into your day job and only do half the work... I'll have a listen to your mixes, I would suggest you make a post for your latest one in a thread here on the forums. Just make sure it goes into the right section
  24. Hi all, here is a track in progress I have been working on lately. Bit of a housey, techy sort of song. I would like to know your opinion on it, good and bad. Thanks
  25. Welcome to the forum mate. Be aware not to feed the trolls and have fun
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