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Torq 2.0 + Conectiv Control CDs- DO YOU HAVE THE CDS??

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Hey everyone,

I have recently bought Torq 2.0 coupled with the AVID Conectiv and found out upon delivery that the package didnt include the CD's and only the vinyl.

So my request is to see if anyone here has or know someone with them, to see if I could possibly 'purchase' them from you if you are no longer using them or maybe go about acquring a copy?


I have scoured le net and found brand new ones in the UK that i can get for a grand total of $60 but im trying to exhaust all other options before going down that road.


If anyone else has other ideas I am all ears, I would love to get this up and running ASAP.

Cheers :dflusta:

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So I basically I contacted Store DJ, they made a mistake within the ad and chaged the ads to mention only the vinyls, and thanked me for notifying them.

They had let me know that they are unable to get the CDS off any of their suppliers as they are basically non existent but mentioned that I can have a refund if I like.

With the discount i recieved already I told them that I would work out a way to get the CDs.

Searched everywhere and tried a few downloaded versions of the .iso file of the CD which all were corrupt. Joined a few other forums and made posts with no luck so i had to bite the bullet and buy an original from England..

Its enroute at present, cost me a total of $30 (only got one as i can duplicate one recieved) so i shoud be up and running before the weekend!!! CANT BLOODY WAIT!!



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no download available from torq? i know NI offer download

anyways if you get desperate i have TT.

so does cupe de ville

No dl avail, since the licence is from Ms Pinky....

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