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  1. Cheers my man. Appreciate the listen!
  2. Ahh fresh mixes! Digging the vibes man. Gave you a follow! What's this private rooftop bizness about?
  3. BeatLeSS


    It's one of those days.
  4. Some brands come with remote triggers too by the looks on some DJ stores. Maybe head in to your local shop to check them out. https://djcity.com.au/product/chauvet-dj-ac-w-wireless-smoke-machine-remote/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2v7mBRC1ARIsAAiw34-cOkl9ynaOAVBXGV_tfXmH5ZR-0dolDsIXRVJJGXTnol_0y1qiCIoaApqiEALw_wcB https://djcity.com.au/product/chauvet-dj-hurricane1200-smoke-machine/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2v7mBRC1ARIsAAiw34_u_ATTh0U5TRYQrH3BzKLi0EH8k4UD9fpdLtPuC1WIzX-7z1pYhEMaAmpYEALw_wcB
  5. Did the #housewerk the other day needed some tunes.
  6. BeatLeSS


    Haha this film clip is great
  7. Using two different DJ programs and three different computers to store different chunks of music libraries is a bit rough. cut me some slack.
  8. Located in Brisbane. Love anything with a broken beat first and foremost mid tempo, Glitch Hop and Ghetto Funk particularly but have been finding low tempo bass emerging well lately. Have a collection of most genres that have been dug from the depths over the years with different flavours to it that I love spinning.
  9. Legit me and a mate have already said this. But seriously though, it might eventually get to the point where I turn around and hire the equipment out to friends or something, so it'd be nice to know it can't be ruined by just general noobiness when everyone is sloppy af.
  10. I'll be carting my equipment around. It isn't for myself. It's for when others are using it and I don't wanna stand by it watching it like a hawk. Basically want to prevent as much noobiness as possible. So yeah, for situations where the equipment is not just only in control by me.
  11. Fuark let alone the solution, great use of the star system. Going to incorporate.
  12. Big ups to the neighbours for showing us how poor we really think.
  13. Dragged my 8" monitors to a house party the other weekend and the tweeters have blown. Definitely at some point the signals were entirely maxxed, from dj controller to mixer console to speakers. I wanna put something in the chain that can prevent something like this happening again, where I can setup the gear and walk away knowing noobs can push their signals as much as they want. Is a limiter something I should be looking for here? Anyone got any experience, recommendations?
  14. Very different to your older stuff, thoroughly enjoying mate!
  15. Having midi controllers definitely expands your capability to more live performance aspects, having a maschine + a DJ setup for instance would give you some extremely creative freedom. Bass Kleph has been doing it for years now, always found his style intriguing. And as well as this DJ Rafik and Sixty Nine Beats also come to mind;
  16. Couldn't pass up the deal aye. Still not plugged in. I have to re-arrange the room to find a spot for it. Might have to buy some power tools and get my DIY on.
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