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  1. Yeah yea! Was also after if anyone used particular brands and why as well. Good to know what I'm looking for though looks like what I'm reading is lower gauge is better for higher end gear.
  2. Yeah, I don't think I want to muck around with that. Dodgy soldering on my behalf could be a let down.
  3. RCA, 3.5mm, 6.5mm, etc are all analogue and all required in terms of DJ'ing and Live Performance. I'd rather not make my own cables when I'm playing on anywhere upwards of 20,000watts of stereo (this is usually the smallest system I get my hands on). It's time to think of this professionally, I am only going to go further. In terms of doing this myself for my studio, I'd rather not gamble my hard earned cash on dodgily self-made cables either. I hear the difference between shitty cables. I have two cheap cables side by side and can tell the difference between these two. I want the best quality, this is not a debate. That being said, I'm not interested in wank factor "I spent $X on this brand of cables because " I'm interested in the science behind it and why someone would recommend those cables. Durability/Rigidity is also a factor of concern. These cables are gonna cop a lot of abuse travelling, being plugged in and out of shit all the time. Something else to consider.
  4. It's time to stop beating around the bush and get onto ensuring all my audio equipment is top freaking notch. I can't be toting about using the best quality audio files if my cables are letting the signal down. I'm going to double up on everything and various lengths to ensure I don't need to buy again. I need to start building up a kit of cables that are going to produce the best quality sound. Is there a site/brand that anyone here recommends religiously? Is there anyone/anywhere that makes them to spec, i.e specific length? That'd be done for the studio setup.
  5. Wait, how'd you make it to chat before the forums? This is something I must know!
  6. Wizzy my mannnn! What's happening lad?! Did not know you were a mastering dude, you may have just became my new best friend. Aside from someone to pummel noobs in q3 with.
  7. https://soundcloud.com/father-funk/love-rollercoaster
  8. Seen this guy live twice this year, never disappoints rocking on stage with that fucking keytar. https://soundcloud.com/klabnz/speak-of-the-devil-klab-reflip
  9. Yeahhh buddy! Well done!
  10. https://soundcloud.com/dephicit_production/freedom_remix
  11. Skope is coming out with some more bossness https://soundcloud.com/skopeuk/sets/mississipi-ep-instant-vibes
  12. Hardstyle was pretty much what sparked off my entire EDM journey, from shuffling to clubbing to dj'ing. This video, exactly, actually.
  13. Dude, I would love a no fuss vid on warping too. I've got this mashup I wanna do and the bpm's are off by about 2bpm. I'm also super curious at the back end of samping - trying to figure out how to describe this.. Like in a project, you load up the track and start sifting through the waveform, you find parts you want to keep, what are you doing after this, do you chop it, chuck it on another track so you can see just that part. If it's something you wanna keep how do you structure this for easy identification in another project.. lik ehaving one of those moments "Fuck that sound from this track would go dope on this" then tracking that down. If this makes any sense?
  14. Hey there bronana! Glad to see another DJ making their way here. Tell us a bit about yourself and your craft man, how long you been doing the mobile gigs for, what do you love and what do you hate?
  15. I could listen to you talk about this stuff all day man! Keep it up!
  16. It's like star craft players constantly clicking their mouse when they're not actually doing anything.. It's keeping your actions per minute up, keeping you warm and ready for action for any point in the mix. Lately when I play out, since I don't have much practice under my belt not having any gear of my own I just aim for smooth mixing, track to track, not much effects/EQ'ing. If I've got shit beatmatched, it's time to give the floor some energy by getting em moving the way I move to it! With the mid tempo weird stuff I'm into, beatmatching takes a while.
  17. Haven't had internet for over a month dunno what you's are whinging about.
  18. #bigtime grats buddy that's dope.
  19. Nope, but keen to throw this in the collection. Nice vibe going on there. Let me know how you get on I've gotta update my tune digging thread when I get a chance too, keep an eye out.
  20. Nice tune! No idea where to get it though. Message the soundcloud user see if they've got any ideas, not even sure if that cavin dude = junglebook.
  21. There's only a master out.... RCA Splitter!
  22. Aye, we don't condone piracy 'round these parts ya hear. To solve your issue you just need to follow the steps outlined in previous posts, Pending. The reason why it's not working the way you want it, is because that device/channel is being used to output the sound, so can't be used to capture it as well. So you'll need to go from record out/master out2 on the SB to the line in on your computer, essentially creating a loop (Computer output > DDJ-SB input > DDJ-SB output > Computer input )
  23. Hey there! Welcome Wow, what countries have you DJ'ed in? What's your favourite?
  24. Did you get this fixed bromego, what'd you end up doing?
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