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  1. That's an awesome mix man, you make all the backing beats etc?
  2. Watched this the other week, incredible! There's at least one other hip hop docco (movie not show) on Netflix, just can't remember the name, which was pretty doap too! What other doccos'/shows can we get our hands on for the hip hop heads?
  3. Hey dude! Welcome to the ADJF massif Love Infected Mushroom, we got tickets after doing some weird ass fucking errand for a promoter in 2014 - we had to get 4x white towels, they couldn't be too big or too small, sent us fucking wild trying to figure out why... During the performance all the members pull up these white towels to wipe their sweat off - THOSE WERE OUR FUCKING TOWELS MAN. Incredible haha.. Definitely have some crazy visual experiences with their shows, quite like it.
  4. Whatsup man How's the weather down that way? Should get some of your mixes up for some listening!
  5. BeatLeSS

    Hey yo!

    Oh Hai m8, should post more
  6. Fuark that looks dope bro. Nicely done! DIY shit ftw.
  7. Mitch - absolutely dude, I'm very intrigued, this is the transition platform for me between decks and going over to Ableton completely eventually. Wanna nail this first as it's an easier platform than Ableton, and more styled to how I know how to interact with music right now.
  8. Will be brought. For anyone interested in midi mapping commands through Traktor I found this video fucking awesome;
  9. Gonna start my journey through the maschine here. Any tips tricks etc would be great. Will post any videos I find helpful. Also going to try making a custom midi mapping to Traktor for dj'ing off it rather than decks. Any input throw it in here!
  10. Hi Kevin! Nice to meet you mate, got any soundcloud links or anything to check out, I'm a massive fan of anything broken beat! I haven't heard of too much of a dnb/dub scene in Syd before, but some of the members of the board are local to that area, hopefully they can chime in and help you out
  11. Grabbed a Kallax (new Expedit) to divide up the working/creative space from my bedroom and give me a sick as bedside feel to it. Fucking so happy. Need to get a rug for this room though. sound is gonna be a bitch. On to the DIY accoustic threads!!
  12. Fuark dude thats pimping, you've got a projector? Time to play with some 3d mapping bro, that'd look sick as fuck on that white.
  13. Yeah boyss shes slowing coming together. Gonna get a Kallax (expedit) for the back of the bookcases that'll edge up my bed and put some sick lights in there/bedside everything. Anyone know the best way to get these shelves between the bookcases so I can add rackmounting to them as well, two rackmount spaces I rekon would be fine.
  14. Are you DIY'ing too? Should throw up a thread aboot it m8. I personally like the idea of doing it the ikea hacking way, as all the individual bits will fit in the car when having to move it around. Ikea <3
  15. Have been eyeing this off since I thought about moving. Am going to build this slowly over the next month or so as money comes through
  16. K.L.O - Kursa, Lone Drum, Osmetic - What an epic combo.
  17. Have been following this dude for a few years now, excellent to see how his sound has developed. This is my kinda jam for trappy stuff.
  18. THIS IS FUCKING HUGE. Not just mid tempo either. "Wicked City the Future Funk band from Krafty Kuts, Dynamite MC, Damien Soul, Erb N Dub, Skope, Steve Yamaha & Big R. Not being confined by their various musical backgrounds Wicked City is combination of award winning artists simply making the music they love."
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