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  1. Fuck this shit i just spent 10k on mining equpiment and about to potentially buy my brother out of the house. AND IM STILL COMING FGTS. LETS HAVE SOME TASTY JAMS.
  2. Worst whale ever, rocks up to one meat, asks for bond, ghosts the next meat.
  3. Enter code WB022018 at checkout for 30% off. Valid through February 21st not sure if this is unique to me or spam code to everyone as promo, worth a shot.
  4. Seems nifty. Wonder how it'll pan out. No needles and timecode would be a good way to get new beginners into turntablism.. I for sure know I don't wanna be spending money on time code vinyl and needles/carts whenever/however long they need to be replaced
  5. Facebook streaming will hand the redistribution of bandwidth, and we can plug it on the page Perfect for the meat. please, if you take your trousers off, make sure you do it off camera, no one wants to see your dong.
  6. Yeah it looks like 7-10pm (1hr slots) they do it for, but if the entire saturday isn't booked out we've got enough dj's. I'm still on the hunt for the studio idea. Otherwise we should just find a studio with internet and use webcams and we're set.
  7. @Mitch you been there a few times before?
  8. Guys can anyone find me a contact for trnsmt.tv? They have open slots for when we are there, could be fucking dope to get a show streamed live. Also searching for any studios around $15-25/hr that have streaming capabilities and all equipment, and BYO so we can just go hang out at one of those for an entire day/night.
  9. Hi Alch, welcome to the forum! I'm interested in your stem layouts, are you using other hardware to do any specific traktor programming? I'm about to move from traditional DJ'ing to something digital and always keen to hear how people made that journey!
  10. We're hosting our Annual meet up in Melbourne in March, would you be interested in hosting an all forum related event @octo ?
  11. Tried for a smooth mix, nothing too technical. Gimme some feedback ya'll. Most of all, hope you enjoy the tunes
  12. Seems to be a fairly used mic here. Best all-rounder? What do you both use them for, LabRat, Mitch?
  13. Yeah but I need a craptonne of ADJF cash for a weeks worth of beatless t's
  14. Yeah like a credit thing, or gift card codes or something. You can shift money into a paypal account? Wtf paypal was supposed to be another layer not a bank.
  15. Yo, so i'm basically too broke to hit any item at once at the shop, but i did have a quick thought this morning as i saw it appear at the top that if I could easily swing 5-10$ into a store account and then when i've got enough, make an order. Possible to implement in any way?
  16. Yeah I think you are confused, this isn't playlist sorting, this is file management. iTunes obviously serves it's purpose there. But iTunes is is a program that reads the file/folder structure, and when you don't have access to that, you lose it's purpose. It also won't edit metadata like BPM/Key and analyse the tracks for beatgrids, that still all needs to be done in other programs.
  17. Lol, he made a desk you two, not stripping back the walls wherever he lives, which is probably a rental. If you're going down the DIY path, Wooden Wall Diffusers seem to be pretty tight if you have the right distances.
  18. Having neighbours isn't a problem, they usually aren't the ones whinging about the noise.
  19. Well, it's a way for him to reach more DJ's who might want to use the studio, it's a way to promote local events in BNE at least, and a way for forum visitors to be always checking out live shit. I'm sure you two can work something out where he can make the ADJF logo/link float around the video whenever someone that clicks a ADJF referred link joins the stream or some shit.. I'm almost certain thats do-able. Or something similar. Paul is his name, he's a fkn whizz at the streaming/audio/visual shit, feel free to let him know I referred you, i've mentioned the forums before to him multiple times he should remember. Frequencies.tv
  20. could put you in touch with a guy that has a boiler room type studio and streams from BNE pretty much every day of week. Could be cool to embed those in forums/have him post when someone goes live etc?
  21. Well a few decent posed up photos with a bit of photoshop glam and our fav diva should do the trick. There's no community feel for others on the board I reckon, we have too tight of a group here and need to somehow make it appealing, welcome and warm. We're brutish because we're close, a boys club if you will, and in the realm of PC/PR it's probably damaging.
  22. Proper setup at meat and some decent footage. Perhaps a ADJF logo'd banner or something to put on the DJ table/hang up behind it. This will show a solid grounding of members that actively participate inside and outside of the board, and promotes the community Put it up as the banner on the site.
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