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  1. There's a major difference between jumping on for a stream and wanting a recording done though. 8 out of 10 you probably don't care for keeping for anything other than critique. Just to start building following Twitch with no recordings would be great.
  2. It's all just midi commands, the software evolves and the controllers can stay relatively consistent. The all in one controllers can't really change that much more as a regular setup (CDJ/DJM combo) hasn't changed at all either. The features between CDJ's, for instance the diff between the CDJ900 and CDJ2000 being the auto-loop vs hot cue buttons, are all programmable between the DJ software and the controller.
  3. holy shit yearh dude nice setup @wrxfiend
  4. BeatLeSS


  5. Do we need to care much for recordings? Be dope to have an account where peeps can just login and burst a stream under the ADJF banner. Would be easy to swap between peoples setups under one account too to keep listeners/streamers in the one channel while the DJ changes for longer sessions, or someone can just bump on at particular times.
  6. BeatLeSS


    I finally tracked down one of my fav songs from @Cupe's Journey mixes.
  7. Does Twitch take down the stream live though, or just disallow recordings?
  8. On special, too hard to pass up.
  9. Good mix man quite enjoyed it ! Camera needs to be higher so we can see what you're doing, loved the editing though was good!
  10. lacquer it in that paint they do speakers in and you'll be fine.
  11. Hey there! What gear did you end up dusting off!? Beatport, addictech, bandcamp are the main ones - I personally prefer to try hunt down labels or artists on bandcamp more of the money gets to them then.
  12. How are you liking RekordBox DVS? That DDJ-XP1 looks badass.
  13. bau5.ausdjforums.com resolves correctly...
  14. we can sort out driving around when we're there
  15. place def has car park looks like a mansion from the front gate. Maybe we should hire a car?
  16. We should def do some exploring, check out some events happening around the place.
  17. Have we got DJ gear and speakers sorted at very least? Pending and I are booking tickets next week lads.
  18. farken not wrong, I sold all my CDJ equipment back in like 2012 to buy an APC40 and a Maschine MKII and I have done NOTHING with it ever since, it's so weird without that liveness happening.
  19. Fark yeah dude, do you have Skype? Would love a run through of your system! Got any live vids to go along with mixes/any of your work?? Cheers.
  20. is @ThatPartyGuy from melbs? how many ppl do we need to book for? 8??
  21. @Cupe @yizzle @Scottie @BeatLeSS @OxyKon @anditz @Mitch @andyman @Pending @AlexJ @ThatPartyGuy
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