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  1. How does the library work, you throw a song into ableton, chop it up, then shouldn't it store those files separately that go through the sampler?
  2. Yo dude howsit going! How'd ya get here? Brissy based here
  3. Note: no original work. Has to be completely DJ/sample based. Whoa, I'm back, and the fog has lifted, the earth has shifted - to raise the gifted. You knew I'd be back so pack your bags JACK, cos daddy's home. Let's see who can roll with that as an intro. (will be musically, of course.)
  4. I've been trying to mix with acapellas and the like for a lot lately, I've been trying to cross the idea of egoism with DJ'ing in a way that rapping has always had no offense to the person aside from literally ripping them to shreds. My idea is a sample and tune based idea based on this. Sample yourself up with what you might think the perfect battle would exist, from those backing beats to the vocal drops that hit the other whale hard. We're all friends, and with friends with us, who needs enemies. Lets take our pent up rage on each other in a creative way. Who's down? I'll start by saying I'd love to give mine the white trash story that my entire life has had. Whos up?
  5. I want one for all my shit now. LOL. Here's a laptop stand example.
  6. Make a 3d printable design to contain all your shit and send it off to someone who has one? CNC machines I hear are a pretty good investment these days too.
  7. I have however ran into a sound design engineer who builds speakers for a living and apparently the equipment and expertise to tuning them is one of those things which leaves the field relatively undesirable, anyone got any pointers on this too? technology/usage capacity needed after building, etc?
  8. What if you had designs that could be built cheaply with tools available at your local skilltrading warehouse - i.e hackerspace in brisbane? I've followed quite a few builds from http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/ and I've seen some really decent designs which you can get super cheap normal car subs to perform above level from what you'd want... I'd be super interested to see what anyone would be keen on building.
  9. Most studios i've seen in these pics either have acoustic proofing or are designed in a way that isn't required (i.e not a box). FYI: Noisia built a box inside a warehouse, not made to normal box specs because of acoustic treatment. Here's how they started, with springs on the fucking floor!;
  10. A fun way to learn how to play the piano. Whether you've always wanted to learn or already have some experience, you've just found a fun new way to practice. Join the millions using Synthesia. http://www.synthesiagame.com/
  11. Take your pad drumming game to the next level with Melodics™. https://melodics.com/
  12. Boom been trying to get my hands on some good mappings lately. Enjoy!
  13. Build a riser like your current monitor one for the midi keyboard, then you can slide keyboard/mouse under dat, have keyboard at the same height as the turntables then = playing keys while experimenting with your turntables. Cordless sometimes becomes issue with gaming, make sure you get dope set.
  14. Kodiak - Using Traktors key analysis (so the Xm/Xd layout) - I'm a jew so paying for MIK is out the question. And I'm also dubious about that platinum notes where it changes the levels of the tracks - just something about audio being re-processed. NitroMonkey - Haha, every whale and their mixing in key, yeah you have, trying for longer mixes with the breakbeats too, finding some dope bassline overlays. Yeah the S4 might have been clipping it down. I'll keep an eye on that next time and use volume on the speakers, cheers!
  15. yo yo brissy represent! What you producing dude? I'm trying my hardest to get from the mixing to production phase haha but just get overwhelmed with where to start! Welcome!
  16. So I've started using Traktor with mixing in Key, principle is sweet just needto get more intimate with my choonz.Open and encourage some serious criticism so I can improve. Definitely wanna start getting out there and playing more! dunno where this belongs, section wise, it has a few diff genres. Enjoy!
  17. Getting intimate with my DnB collection of funky and heavy that I come across occasionally.. Keen as for some absolutely great feedback, imagine yourself on the dance floor and what you'd be feeling, if there's points where you're losing a bit of energy out of place, I wanna know. Looking to improve massively to continue the journey!
  18. ALso spelt wrong lbl. Content contributor, makes me sound awesome.
  19. fuark yeah learnt heaps outta that, good find man! Post up any more tutorials you find!
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