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New Studio Project

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Between this and my car things have been a bit hectic lately but as the bulk of this is done, I thought I'd share some pics. I gotta get some more bits and when I do I'll update this thread. I need to apologise about the lack of pics too. I don't have many from back in the days so we're gonna go waaayyy back lol

Some of you may remember things looking like this. Picture is from many years ago now


Since 90% of that stuff doesn't exist anymore, that whole section was going to waste so I decided that was going to be my new studio location as where I was (lack of pic) was utter shit.

After some planning and "careful" consideration, I started hacking.


I removed everything apart from the left side box and that was more of a structural decision more than anything else.

Then I made new supports for the bench top and a leg down the side to hold the weight.


Bench top back on


Everything plugged back in. I can finally get rid of those Berry Truths I use to have and start using my Fostex again. I gotta do something about those cables into the sub but everything else is tucked away nicely so it doesn't look like a total eye-sore! At the moment I have old phone books (coz no one cares about those anymore) under my speakers to give them some extra height and dampening. There's enough pages there for them to work quite well.


I'm getting a new midi controller (just gonna go 49 key because I can't fit a 61 key there) and I gotta find some foam / sound proofing to put on the wall. I used a pillow between the sub and the new side panel and it works a treat. The sound is already so much better in this new lay out. Not just the speakers but there's so much less phasing and mud from my old set up. The sound travels a lot better and will continue to get better as I find all the mushy spots and pad them up. 

I apologise for the bland description of everything but thought it would be good to show you guys the new workstation. 

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1 hour ago, Scottie said:

looks fucking mint m8

Thanks lad. Just picked up my midi controller so I'll post an update soon. Got a Roland A49. It's simple and perfect for what I need

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Here's the latest addition. A Roland A49. 


I prefer a 61 key but as space is limited and I wanted some privileges of playing a piano again (not using a 2 octave bit of crap and drawing my notes in). This feels nice for my playing style. The keys seem nicely weighted and aren't sticky and cheap like playing on an M-Audio for example. It has very limited functions but thats ok for me because I have no intentions of using pads or sliders that are on most midi keyboards. I just want the keys so I'm happy with this purchase. 

It's quickly become a sentimental item for me as it was the last thing that allowed me to spend some time with a good friend before he passed away a few days ago. 

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52 minutes ago, dflux4 said:

Bro you are a man of many talents!!

Loving the workspace, I can feel a good Zen from it ;)

And a master of none haha thanks man. I've managed to finish a few tunes in the new space so we'll see how it goes. There's definitely a boost in productivity with the new controller and the new monitors are helping my mixes sound better so I'm off to a good start

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26 minutes ago, BeatLeSS said:

Fuark that looks dope bro. Nicely done! DIY shit ftw.

Thanks buddy :) 

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On 08/04/2017 at 4:39 PM, yizzle said:

nice bed :thumleft:

Best sound proofing I got :P 

6 hours ago, eggssell said:

looks like the change of someone maturing 

...and a better camera phone :teef:

Not gonna get far djing haha I've been meaning to have a semi decent studio for a while and finally got to it. It does the trick for now. Being able to use my fostex again is fantastic. Bit bigger compared to the truths but so much better sounding. 

The phone has to get upgraded too. Kinda forced to these days haha

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