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Glitch hop battle

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I've been keen to do a battle for a while now but keep missing out on the ones I want to do, so Ill start my own. I haven't seen a glitch hop battle been done before so anyone up for the challenge?

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I reckon we just use the beatport top ten as of today, and to mix it up everyone can use one of any other track.

One Two - Kairo kingdom

need to know - blunt instrument, k+lab

U R So fucked - infected mushroom, opiou

boombox - kairo kingdom

it don't mean a thing - myselor

glitch hoppi - lucky hz

run for cover - pimp bizkit

nights in bangalore - dirt monkey, varien

sand man - jantsen, dirt monkey

good & gone - k theory

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i play alot of this stuff and looking into it/ alot of people would argue that this isnt glitch hop

however its under that in beatport/(i also call it glitchhop) its kinda technically moombah @110

glitch hop is at 100bpm aka koan sound kinda stuff

:wall: hella confusing, spesh when its says glitch hop on beatport etc, nowdays i just call it 110, because when i hear moombahton its alot more marimba kinda vibes etc

when as this stuff isnt really, more glitchy but at 110

just my 2c

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