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  1. Okay so i'm picking up a few things as i'm going. Still gotta get used to this whole when to drop tracks things but everyone keeps telling me it comes with practice, getting better with my beatmatching. Open to criticism, tips, tricks. Atm am fucking in love with echo + filter, it's definitely just to easy to play with all these knobs etc! Let me know what ya think. DJ BeatLeSS - Saturday Afternoon! by Laggerau
  2. Loved it Tomy! This screams as an intro song to me, make a great entrance! The things you could do with it live!
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Has been playing non-stop since i started work, it's so hard to get angry with this song playing!
  4. I officially want to stab you, this song is so addictive. OMFG, have listened to it on repeat 10 or so times at work so far
  5. Wow that is awesome Cheers for the quick rundown of SoundCloud also guys
  6. Mix #7 by Laggerau
  7. Got it and uploaded, how to embed?
  8. Alright, first one i'm going to share, http://soundcloud.com/laggerau/mix-7 Let me know what you think guys made a huge stuff up towards the end but decided to keep going. Criticism more than welcome, as i'm definitely looking to improve my game! Cheers!
  9. Definitely impressed with them... Here's the advantages i've found out so far. USB/LAN Media Management --> For those that take their laptop to gigs can actually with a set of 900's/2000's use rekord box to load tracks via a network hub to the decks! I also love the ability to export my playlists to usb, it creates a history as i play along the set, so i can go back and see in what order etc did i play, i can also set up the memory points for cue's, so although i didn't have it pre-done i know next time i've got a cue point there. Slip mode is wicked, great for that reverse, and in combination with the auto-loops, freaking good to know as long as i can count beats i'm not gonna stuff up too badly - or for the vinyl mode lovers same thing, scratch a quick 1-2beat and its back on track. Browsing tracks --> Not as intuitive as i'd hoped, then again i haven't really spent much time in the management of my tracks, am at the moment keying and creating playlists for each key, which should help me out a bit more and then i'll know where my tracks lie after some lengthy exposure to it. The downside i've found with the auto-loops is it won't keep the tempo, for some reason (and i think it's only playing from flash drive, haven't noticed it as much on CD) before it kicks back to the beginning of the loop it'll keep playing a frame or two, haven't had much time mucking around with loops as i'm still learning beatmixing, but thats what i've noticed --> Might record a quick sample for you's to listen to, maybe someone will know if i'm doing something wrong, or it really just has a delay reading back to the beginning of the loop.
  10. There'd be atleast 10-20% Profit in those pioneers. - Just an observation.
  11. Yeah i'm not clicking that link, the email addresses are hotmails/gmails.. doesn't sound like a legitimate thing imo.
  12. Great set of cans! Very good, they're good monitoring 'phones so you can still hear whats happening outside of them, i sometimes find myself getting lost in my HDJ1000's cos i can't hear anything when i got em on.
  13. BeatLeSS

    The hookups

    I hear ya, i work with it on a day-to-day basis and really cant be stuffed keeping up. All i need to know is when a customer calls with a problem, they caused it
  14. BeatLeSS

    The hookups

    A place i've always bought my own parts from is www.msy.com.au Depending on your budget, and i'm guessing what sort of sound card you want in it, you can usually piece together something from that site for decent amount
  15. Haha no I'm a techy adding value to a topic i can discuss (+rep me )
  16. I would have to say there isn't, i haven't seen anything out there that would promote W7 as a better platform for audio production, but what i would generally look at for an OS is ease of use, which W7 definitely is taking the cake over XP now. The fact they've been able to pack the features that W7 offers without any significant performance decreases is exceptional. On the flipside of the argument, as long as your hardware is W7 compliant, i can't see why you would want to use older technology (XP) over a newer generation platform. This is not entirely true. There are still a tonne of bugs with XP. This argument can be closely related to the automobile industry, problems are found everywhere at any time, no matter how old/young the tech is. All SP3 was to XP was a compilation of updates from SP2 to SP3's release date. The fact that you won't use an OS until a SP is released is really dumbfounding to me. Thats almost as if you're saying you're never going to buy anything new, until the problems are run in from the original owner. As microsoft encounters a problem, they fix it, fairly promptly. As for licenses, i can get W7 Ultimates extremely cheap
  17. As a computer techy i can honestly say Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. It's such a user-friendly OS, i'd almost say any MAC user could quickly migrate over. I'd definitely suggest looking into W7 over downgrading to XP. Make sure your PC can handle it first, once thats done it's intelligent enough to do most things itself, just check your manufacturers website (for those who built their own pc's - check your parts manu. website) To see if there is any difficulty with W7. Pretty damn good OS in my opinion, as i'm looking at upgrading myself, 6months ago i would have gone a MAC.
  18. Okay, so i'm currently getting a bit bored of 128bpm. Looking to up the tempo. How do you guys switch up tempo effectively, say from one song thats 128 to one thats 130-132? Or even ways in which you guys do it mid-song?
  19. Google Chrome FTW. It's light, easy to use, and the tiled window at startup rocks. And from a Techy point of view, the dumb customer can't stuff up much in google chrome, cos theres not many buttons to bloody play with! hehe.
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