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  1. I'd have to throw out there also that spending a bit on cans would be beneficial. They're not something i've had to swap and change and can take a hiding for some periods of times, i used Sennheiser HD212PRO's for about4 years (replacing the cable a few times). I'm currently using HDJ1000's and i'm in love with the performance jump from them. Had a few mates buy them for their pc's after hearing music through them too, so definitely something worth looking at spending a bit more on cos i can't see them wearing out for a good 2+years unless i break them somehow.
  2. Just a quick query, i think this would be the right place. I tried to search around on pioneers website. But do they offer an extended warranty to purchase through them, i was told by StoreDJ they don't do it through the store. Cheers in advance.
  3. Lol, leave me alone! They were cheap, and for the time being better than the stanton C.204 mixer. That being said, i can barely sleep with anticipation for these 900's. Bloody StoreDJ didn't fkn send em via express as per my request the bastards though.
  4. just bought this myself, cos i figure if i can learn rather than haphazardly playing with music i'll pick things up quicker. with the storedj code its 67USD - about 76AUD. From what i can tell, probably not the biggest/longest course, but definitely a great start. Although the first two chapters are pretty much info i've found from guys on here. Looking forward to seeing what is said further on, after i pick up and practice the fundamentals.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I think USB would definitely make things a lot more efficient for management, especially with rekordbox, and lets face it, organisation off the decks is just as critical as on them. So i think for the extra $200 a piece i'll go ahead and get the 900's. Hopefully can get them express posted to get here before christmas. On a side note - bought a DJM800 few days ago, and omfg i'm impressed. Compared to the DDM4000 lol. Cheers once again, Lance.
  6. Okay, so i'm upgrading my equipment for chrissy. Question i've got cos i need a hand with it is this; Is the 900's worthy going for an extra couple hundred over the 1000's and why? I've been chatting to a couple of guys i know that have been doing this for a few years and they seem to think 1000's are the way to go, i'm just wondering with the introduction of the 900's would it be more beneficial to get those instead? Can't really find too much info (TBH haven't dug around all that much to compare the two) but from what i can see the 900's probably are a worthy investment. 2000's are out of budget so out of question. Cheers, Lance.
  7. BeatLeSS

    Hi all!

    New to the DJ'ing thing but getting into it hardcore, i've been bitten by the shuffle bug over two years ago and now i'm moving up to the DJ'ing part of things. Found this site and thought i'd register and say HI! Cheers, Lance.
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