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The Technics SL series appreciation thread

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I would like to call on the TT owning members to share with us your thoughts, stories, photos and info, basically anything to do with the most beautiful TT ever made

I grew up in a very musical family, but unfortunately it was the early eighties and my parents did not see the link between disc jockeys and turntablism. My father hand built me a scaled down fully functional stratocaster at the age of 6, I had drum kits, violins any instrument i could desire, but not the one thing i wanted most, Technics SL1200's and a mixer!

Not to rag on my parents that much, we weren't well off by any means (being muso's) and i guess they couldn't justify the money for what they believed to be a fad.

So in 1995 when my friend got his first set, i was like a fly on shit!

My passion for these TT's has never dwindled, but when I could finally afford a set of my own, there was no stock available in Perth at the time (coz perth is wack!)

I reluctantly bought some Vestax PDX2000's and to be fair they have served me very well, now my dilema is that of course they are no longer being produced! :cry:

and as my vestax are fine its hard to justify to my missus why i will have to take a big loss to sell them and track down a set of 1210 mk5's

so thats my love affair with the mighty 1200 series TT, I hope i'm not the only one with this wierd fetish for an electrical item.

now some porn




And finally, me using the mk5's i was babysitting for a friend while she was overseas, I was roughly 22 and still had hair! lol


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I bought my first set of turntables when I was 17 with the first instalment of my student loan.

Couldn't afford technics at the time so went for a set of Numark TT2 Pro's. Damn fine TT's.

Wasn't technics though.....

After a couple of years... one day my dad came home from work and told me a story about one of the work vans being stolen and found abandoned.

Amazingly, they were abandoned with a pair of 1210 mkII's in the back of them.

Ideal. Got them a full service and never looked back. Still work like a dream.

would only change them for a set of mk5's. Other than that i'm very happy with them.

Miss them too due to working in the mines. Been waaaay to long since i've had a proper shot of them.

'mon the technics

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^^^^^you lucky son of a bitch! :teef:

I know. the shell is a bit battle worn and the WHALE had a kappa sticker on one that has sun faded the shape on it permanently.

but fuck it... they work perfect and cost nothing.

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Never realised they had pitch indicators on them.

I'm still kicking myself that at my old job my boss got rid of about 5 or so pairs for like 5/6/700 a pair.

Wish i had've got some back then, really want to now.

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...sorry to disapojn you sjon but it was the close up of the pitch fader at a steady green-lighting 0:

ready for anything baby, ready for anything ;)

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Need to dust off mine and get some glam shots in....

in the mean time

from when I first put the light mods & glow paint on

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purists corner over here.

no mods.


anyway: I started on mismatched c90 tape players aged 7 in 1980. Found a record player in the charity shop and did mixes for a while using one C90 player and one belt drive technics (cannot rem the model number but had seperate pitch controls for 33 and 45). This was pre Dance music and just as Hiphop was reaching the UK via the punk/Ska/two tone scene.

Shared a student house (in the ghetto) from age 17 with a manc who had 1200s. Got robbed several times.

Finally got my own pair 1998-ish (blagged an enterprise start up loan from the welfare state). Set them up in a spare room (different shared house, but still proper ghetto) on a turned over wardrobe with another mate who had some = 4 sl1210s, a vestax pmc 05 pro II and a technics dx 1200 (the one fiend posted pic of above). Did set up the enterprise too as starter my first club night.

Once I gained a rep and started gigging with them they've done a lot of travelling to and from local bars and clubs, been to Glastonbury 4 times, several other festies and Europe once or twice. On occasion I have used them (in their flight cases) to sleep on - as much to keep me off the ground as to be sure they didnt get robbed while I napped.

15 years on and they are still going strong. Never modded, never tricked.

I had the audio out cable replaced twice on each, after DIY fixes to the plugs reduced the length too far.

The little white light on one of them doesn't work ;)

Mine have names too: Lucy is the left deck, Rachel is the right deck. The flightcases are labelled so I can set them up anywhere in battle position and know the cables are already threaded on the correct side for quick set up.

Many is the event where I am found in the van afterwards wimpering: "are my girls on board? did anyone pack my girls?"

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ok heres my upload, Technics SL-1200MK5's (imports), duz is the man when it comes to modding TT"s, we took them apart and installed black UV lights, then I painted the platters with a white primer (2 light coats) and applied the UV paint (6 light coats), let it dry for a week, and at the end, well it pays off :)

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